Basak Baykal’s journey from Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar to London unites design practices and years of heritage in an amalgamation of culture through jewelry. In this journey that carries Basak Baykal to London interweaves the culture with the sources of inspiration that stem from nature, literature and art, the aesthetics of the Grand Bazaar, the past and the future.

The precious stones embellishing the intricate designs, embrace local resources and add value and uniqueness to the pieces. The ancient practices in the Grand Bazaar have been taught throughout generations and passed down to the local artisans, who are being supported in their craft. Each stone is transformed into an artwork with high quality materials sourced ethically and sustainably.

Basak Baykal’s unique qualities come from fusing modern design with the traditional technical knowledge from the artisans at the Grand Bazaar to form Basak Baykal’s aesthetic and understanding whilst embellishing each piece with rare and high-carats gemstones. The pieces, which are works of art, not only hold beauty in their appearance but hold stories and histories, symbolizing the stance of a local and deep-rooted heritage that Basak Baykal is proud to represent in their jewelry.

Having worked in the corporate world for 20 years and becoming a mother to twins, Basak has left to follow her passions which are inspired by her youthful creativity, environment and family life. In order to further develop her brand she’s moved her Istanbul office to London whilst keeping the aesthetic and atmosphere of the Grand Bazaar alive in her work and the city Adding to her training, she attended the Gemological Institute of America, enhancing her jewelry knowledge and experience, she has now begun to create and elevate the brand she has always dreamed of.