Basak Baykal is an independent fine jewellery brand based in Istanbul. Each Basak Baykal design is hand made by skilled craftsmen in the renowned Grand Bazaar, known for representing a base of hundreds of years of heritage and is a unique location for jewellery makers to work throughout history.

As the daughter of an old jeweler working in the Grand Bazaar, Basak values and respects the craftsmen and individuals working those long hours to create the finest jewelry. Having seen this growing up, Basak Baykal intends on maintaining the heritage of the Grand Bazaar through working with these talented artisans who have age-old techniques and family history rooted in the Bazaar and jewelry.

Basak Baykal uses high-quality materials that are lawfully, ethically, and sustainably sourced from the coloured stones to diamonds and even the gold and platinum used to make the jewelry. The label sources materials from limited, trusted vendors, who are registered suppliers of legal and consciously processed and protected gems.

Basak Baykal's jewelry making processes are combined with modern touches of CAD/Cam outputs, a sustainable processing approach based on a dynamic environmental assessment for each piece of jewelry, which is then handcrafted ancient traditional gold working methods by goldsmiths. Gem setters are another dedicated group of artisans who collaborate in the creation process, using a method called micro-pave; due to the quality of the piece they can set a maximum of 60 small stones per day, so some pieces have taken more than 3 months to complete, such as the fuchsia long necklace. This is a very delicate and focused work of art that requires diligent attention.

Through the use of small and ethical production, Basak Baykal’s jewelry is sustainable through practice, creating one-of-a-kind pieces lacking in excess of labor and materials. She considers her pieces to be investments, intended to be inherited through generations.